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Who​ are we?

W​e are NEEPO TECH I​NC,  the Wor​ld's Best in Digital English-Speaking eLearning Technology and the proud Creators of Speak English  With NEEPO, "The Fast​est ​Way to ​Lea​rn How to Speak English on Earth!"

 Our Mission at NEEPO TECH, Inc. is to be the preeminent English eLearning provider worldwide by 2025.  We will accomplish this by providing the fastest and easiest way to learn how to speak English on Earth where new English speakers will speak English with little to no accent.

Vision for the First 5 years:

Our Vision is to become the preferred premium provider of a digital eLearning beginning English speaking courseware product and service worldwide.  We are planning for an exit within five years via a buyout from a major conglomerate.

An example of a possible candidate includes Cambium Learning who purchased Rosetta Stone in 2020.  Disney is also a possibility.  Disney is establishing English language schools all over the world by converting schools to English language training centers.  The Gates Foundation is also investing in English language instruction.   It is not unreasonable to predict an exit December 31, 2027 with a projected valuation of $250 million based on 10 x 2028 earnings.  i.e. a multiple of 18 x on your investment.



Our Qualifications

  • Kathleen (Kat) Green, CEO/Founder of NEEPO TECH, INC.
  • Vocational Credential - Accelerated Learning - CSU at Fort Collins
  • Business Education Degree - SUNY at Buffalo, NY
  • A.A.S. Degree in Legal Secretarial Science - Erie CC, Buffalo, NY
  • Has been Certified to teach in Five U.S. States
  • Taught at both Middle School and High School level
  • Trainer at America West Airlines for 3 years.
  • Sales Training w/Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals
  • Educational Sales and Management
  • Teacher Training 
  • Aaron Harrington, Creative Development Director for NEEPO TECH Inc.
  • Owner of 360 Squared - A virtual reality marketing company
  • Certified Google 360º Photographer 
  • Owner of the Museum of Interactive Art - Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • B.A. Degree in Visual Arts and Interactive Art from Hampshire College
  • Designed interactive exhibits for Science Museums, such as the New York Hall of Science. 
  • Creative Development Director at NEEPO TECH Inc  
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